The Bridge at Argenteuil, 1874 by Claude Monet

A number of paintings from Argenteuil depict boats and this is a classic example. Monet had a very commercial mind and, as boating was a popular pastime for Parisians in the 1890s, his choice of subject matter was guaranteed to appeal to the buying public. The whole is a tranquil scene that has a translucent air to it.

The colors harmonize together to help create an aesthetic view. Broken color is used where it is necessary to depict the surface of the water affected by light, and under the arches of the bridge where the light reflects off the water. By using adjacent lines, an almost translucent effect is created. The bridge to the right is another feature that Monet favored in paintings at this time. In The Bridge at Argenteuil, 1874, the lines and arches provide a geometric balance to the translucence of the water.