The Frost, 1879 by Claude Monet

The Frost was painted in the year of 1879 and was regarded as parallels between the mood of the artist and the painting style. Monet was heavily in debt at this time with the severe winter which drove the prices up. This is considered one of the series of paintings which reflected his emotions.

Le Givre shows ice and frost sparkling in the sunlight, the white frost warmed up with pink and blue. Although a barren scene, the colors used give it a warm feeling. The whole scene is harmonized through the use of strong horizontal strokes on the ice and small vertical strokeson the bushes.

This period was a desolate one for Monet. Financially, the household was tricken, and he was heavily in debt. The winter of 1818 and 1879 were severe. In September, Camille died.

Although it is difficult to try to read the artist's personal life into his work, this paintings does reveal that Monet's changing moods meant that he was being attracted to very difficult styles.